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August 16, 2005



dude check out the new death stalker nife it kicks ass that mag is so fun to make fun of we called then and we were asking how the battle axe works as a letter opener


Bud K is just a collectors catalog...nothing more. It is conspiracy theorists like yourself that run down anyone with opinions contrary to your own. The catalog allows people who lack the finnces to collect things that are of interest to them without spending a fortune. A real WW2 katana from a Japanese officer goes for about 3 grand on ebay, BudK price, 99 bucks. It is not the weapons that do the damage but the people holding them. Of coarse I expect to hear BS propaganda from bedwetting liberal democrats like yourself. Y ou should choose your words more carefully, offending "sandniggers" and Christians, has led to some of the bloodiest outcomes in history. You should try asking God for help, instead of spending so much time bashing others, maybe He will point out your flaws. Thank you for giving me a good laugh anyway, it's nice to see so many close minded people have survived for so long. Now I know where tree huggers and animal rights activists come from.

just because there are ninja tools and things like that in the mag doesnt mean people are buying them to have big ninja fight and kill each other or think they are hardcore ninjas. its just things for fun or collection. for you people bashing the magazine and its buyers why dont you stop being concerned with other peoples lives and how they live, and start living you own. if you dont like the magazine, dont buy dont read.


If you sold dog turds as face lotion someone would buy and someone would complain. Thats the American way. So have a mind of your own and do your own thing.

thomas j brown

yep this sounds right


bikes.halters and a lot more shit i like

consider yourself lucky if the worst thing you have to be afraid of is knife collectors. your pathetic

You jerk-knee liberals should all just give up all your rights and freedoms and the rest of the country will gladly accept them and you can then be subjugated properly like you want.

Rowland Lives

I am in shock, but not really it's eltists like yourself who are constanlty pointing out what the other person is doing and how they could have done it better, but you have forgotten that inside you've become rotten. Full of stinkin thinkin giving anyone who should not be given a platform not only a platform but now their martyrs too, great job. ;m sure they appreciate it.

Richard Strovinski

Oh nose a knife, mommy save me.

gerard hicks

I have To laugh ! these High and mighty liberals are sheep being led To slaughter. Who do you think Is going To fight If were ever Invaded by A Foreign country Or maybe A tyrant government. The right to bare Arms was ounce Guarenteed In Our Constitution By Our Fore Fathers We all Had loved ones die In battles To Protect those rights In The name Of God and country By Taking away Those rights.Means They died In vain!!! This country Is currently going thru The very same thing germany went thru right Before Hitler Became Chancellor In 1933. and Its going To Be us who still Believe IN those rights. In the name Of God and country who are going To Be In The trenches why you crying little liberals Hide under your Bed If God forbid something Happens.

If thats what people like to collect, who are you to criticize them? Who cares if someone wants a replica of an awesome looking sword? If thats what inspires them, who really cares? Honestly, why do you care? You seem to like to bash people with different ideas and tastes than you, and its obvious by the hateful language you use in you blog, and that really makes me sad for you. Don't borrow trouble, my friend.

Look, if you really want to go after something that matters, why not attack the Crips, Bloods, Nortanios, Suranios, and other gangs that are living in your own state? They're doing actual social damage. Oh, wait, they'll probably retaliate, thats why...I forgot, you want to be safe. You're going after a bunch of people you know won't do anything back.

Also, I can't remember the last time a gas station was held up with a broadsword, but I can remember the last time it was held up with a gun. Does that mean we should go after gun companies for one person's action? No.

Anyway, the point of all of this is, just relax man. You're making a mountain out of a molehill.

Blade Hickok

Whoa, Bud!
You really get around and it's goood to here your expressions about It's not the sword, it,s the man behind the sword. I'll keeping looking in the catalog for new and different and I 've got to have the remote control Rat. I loved the Scottish Dirks and must have them all. I've been to Maultree and like the place. Good Luck and May God Bless.
Blade HIckok

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