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  • The Moist Site
    Blog by perpetual law student with occasional tight diddies on Cali comings and goings.
  • The Urban Dictionary
    Want to know the difference between "Hella" and "Bizzy"? Ever had trouble interpreting your 14-year-old nephew at that family reunion. Open and, as KRS-1 says, "your must learn..."
  • SFist
    Somehow their URL conjures thoughts of “Friscos” seminal place in history of fisting culture, but no, instead this hipster super-blog chronicles SF news and happenings and is a comer for the in-d-know.
  • Wulad
    Interesting, well written SF blog. From what I can gather, this dude is like a wigger-as-blogger with a foxy asian girlfriend, C-baby.
  • Flashenabled
    FC is no fan of tech for tech's sake. With good reason, laptop jockeys nearly killed the beloved homeland. However, Phil and the FE crew are hacking their way to a better future. Respect. Thankfully, they are also Ecotopians.
  • Turning The Tide
    Love'em, Hate'em, fear'em, it matters not. The man knows truth and by ignoring him we ignore reality. This is Noam Chomsky's blog.
  • Betty Bowers
    Great site. This is like The Onion on meth. Truly original. It's sites like this that make the web unique. Bravo Betty, I have no idea what or who you are but do I love you.
  • IraqTheModel
    Ever wanted to hear some perspective from real Iraqis who are not tainted with outragous fundementalist mumbo-jumbo or flat-out hate for the USA? Real people watching a real country forming around themselves. This is a good place to start.
  • Latin Political
    Massive portal of english language news and analysis from Latin America. If you have any desire to see what's up with our brothers and sisters to the south this is it.
    Site directed by the other women in my life: Naomi Klein, who if I was not married would be my wife. My 2nd baby-girl is trying to fight globalization. Man, is she ever sexy.